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ChAI Protect is our insurance offering that guards against market risk, and mitigates your procurement strategies to insure the growth of your business.

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ChAI’s AI forecasting ability enables us to effectively provide price insurance premiums for price indices matching any conceivable supplier contracts. Our understanding of the probability of any price being hit over a 12 month period gives us the ability to offer premiums that reflect the true risk of that price being hit.

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Why ChAI Protect is right for you

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  • 1 Protect your company from unforeseen cost inflation
  • 2 No barriers to access: no capital requirements, licensing, brokerage or evidence of sophisticated / regulated user obligations
  • 3 Get protection against all commodities: An insurance contract that underwrites multiple commodities in one schedule
  • 4 Premiums based on our AI forecasting models to understand the true risk of a raw material markets
  • 5 Simplified process: pay the premium on contract signature, we payout automatically each time the contract settles

Hear it from our users

"We regard the use of the ChAI solution as becoming more and more essential to our core business. ChAI have become strong partners of Goodmills since we first started using them back in mid 2020; we like the fact that they are ever evolving in their solution enhancements, and are never standing still. The value that ChAI brings to our business is as a source of information that is presented in an easy and understandable manner."

Scott Wellcome
Scott Wellcome
Director, Grains Risk Management GoodMills Group GmbH

“ChAI is making a real difference by introducing objectivity into commodity price forecasting by the use of machine learning. ChAI’s web application has evolved to such an impressive level that I use it to benchmark my own analysis and price forecasts”

Robin Bhar
Robin Bhar
Metals Market Expert

“Commodity prices are inherently challenging to determine and ChAI's approach of using AI technology to look at all the data that matters and provide the output in a transparent, easy to understand format, enables us to determine raw material price risk.”

Judd Orr
Judd Orr
Commodity Price & Risk Manager

“ChAI provide a useful visualisation of the possible forward pricing scenarios for some of our key commodity exposures. In particular, the model has challenged the teams thinking around the variables influencing the overall cost make-up of the relevant commodity, with a clear view as to which components are driving the current pricing cycle.”

Peter Holmes 2
Peter Holmes
Commodity Price Risk Management

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Commodity coverage

ChAI provides price forecasts and market intelligence for a range of commodities across Metals, Energies, Plastics and Agricultural.

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